Temistocles Lopez is a writer/producer/director born in Venezuela who has lived mostly in Europe and the USA. In his varied and eclectic carrer he has written, produced and directed films that go from the popular to the classic and from the commercial to the avant guarde.

Temístocles has lived in London, where he studied film; Rome, where he directed several plays; New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Madrid, cities where he has been able to make critically  acclaimed films such as "Chain of Desire", "Exquisite Corpses ” and “Bird of Prey”.  He has directed actors such as Malcolm Mac Dowell, Richard Chamberlain, , Richard Beymer and Oscar nominees Jennifer Tilly and Lesley Ann Warren.

Filmography as writer and director:

Combate (2023) Documentary 115 min. Spain

Hidalgo (2022) Documentary 90 min. Spain

Wink (2018) Comedy 85 min. France / USA

Elettra (2015) Documentary 55 min. Italy/Australia/France 

Katabasis (2011) Mystery 20 min. French

Home - The Horror Story. (2000). Comedy  87 min. USA 

Bird Of Prey (1995) 90 min. Thriller.USA/ Bulgaria

Chain Of Desire (1992) Drama. 110 minutes USA

Exquisite Corpses (1989) Thriller. 93 min. USA

As a screenwriter: “Dalí” 1982

Theater as director: "The Tempest", "Faust", "The Knights of the Round Table".

As an actor: “Bolivar, A Tropical Symphony” by Diego Risquez


Spain:  +34 666 64 65 99