Executive Producer

Peter Calderon decided to take a respite from a high powered career in international finance to try his luck at the challenging and unforgiving world of film production. 

Peter was responsible for the legal framework that took the United States off the gold standard while operating from the Office of the International Legal Counsel, US Treasury Department; advised numerous Privatization Ministries in Eastern/Central Europe in his role as a World Bank attorney following the collapse of the Soviet Union; served on the executive team that formulated the World Bank's program to combat corruption in the international finance arena; and was a special advisor to the French Government in Paris during the reorganization of its bilateral development finance agencies. 

Since 2004, Peter has been a regular fixture at the Cannes Film Festival, counseling young filmmakers in the Short Film Corner and offering legal and moral support to aspiring screenwriters and directors.  Peter is now focused on the serious business of getting terrific screenplays and documentary projects produced on the platform of Rayograph Films.  At the top of the agenda is the story of the inventor of rayograph photography, Man Ray, during his European sojourn from the 1920s through the 1960s.

France:  +336-70-23-46-04

USA:  +1-202-839-1576